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2019-11-20 20:34:38


  Turn your existing desk into a standing one thanks to this electric-powered riser, which includes a phone stand and is wide enough to accommodate two monitors.

  I'm standing up right now, working at a normal desk topped with an electric riser. That means with the push of a button, I can elevate my keyboard and monitor, work upright for a while, then go back to sitting with another push.

  Sound good? Products like these tend to start at around 0 and, ahem, rise from there, which is why I'm excited about today's deal. For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Alloyseed 33.5-inch electric desk converter is 7.03 with promo code STDOFF53.

  I've seen other stand-up desk converters priced in this range, but never an electric one. Usually they're narrower and gas-piston-powered, meaning you have to pull a lever and then carefully raise or lower the work surface. It's not like that's a huge hardship, but make no mistake: electric is better. Just hold the rocker button until the desk raises or lowers to your desired height.

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  Will a standing desk help you lose weight, eliminate back pain, lower cholesterol and live longer? Those are among the pie-in-the-sky benefits claimed by many a manufacturer (including this one). But there's very little science to support any of that. I just know that I feel physically (and mentally) better at the end of the day if I alternate between sitting and standing, which I do every hour or so.

  As I said above, I'm using something very similar to this, and I absolutely love it. I'm a bit envious of the Alloyseed model because it has two features my desk lacks: a little slot for holding your phone or tablet and a USB port right next to the rocker switch.

  However, it has no grommet holes for routing cables or installing a monitor stand. That's hardly a deal breaker, and in fact you could use a clamp-style stand for your monitor if you want one.

  Indeed, think about your current setup and how it might convert to a desk setup like this. If you use a laptop, for example, you might want to add a desktop monitor and wireless keyboard. If it's a desktop, make sure you've got a long enough cord to accommodate the monitor when it's raised.

  You'll also want to make sure the riser desk won't overwhelm your current desk. On mine, for example, the printer barely fits.

  Issues like those aside, this is one of the best deals I've seen on an electric stand-up desk converter. If you've been thinking about getting one, take a look.

  Bonus deal: Seems like every time I share a cord-organizer deal, it sells out quickly. Here's hoping this one lasts a little longer...

  For a limited time, and while supplies last, iZerich (via Amazon) has the Topbooc Travel Gadgets Organizer Bag for just .58 with promo code 7GQMTIUS. Regular price: .95.

  This compact bag is deeper than others I've seen, and therefore better able to accommodate bigger items: a mouse, a power brick, maybe even a small Bluetooth speaker.

  Meanwhile, the lid section has pockets for cords, pens and other narrow accessories. I can see this being just as handy for around the house as it is for travel, as it can help you Marie Kondo-ize some of your electronics clutter.

  Giveaway! Maybe you've heard? Samsung announced a few new phones last week. I don't know about you, but I can't afford one. If only I could somehow get one for free...

  i can't, but you can, by entering CNET's Galaxy S10 Plus giveaway. One lucky person will win that phone and a super exclusive Android pin collection, while one other lucky person will win a Galaxy S10 in their choice of color.

  So what are you waiting for? Go get your entry (or entries) in. You've got until March 20 to do that. Good luck!

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  天下彩天空原创平特【在】【整】【整】【轰】【击】【了】【十】【天】【之】【后】,【大】【梁】【城】【的】【城】【墙】【终】【于】【轰】【然】【倒】【塌】。 【平】【心】【而】【论】【这】【其】【实】【有】【些】【出】【乎】【赵】【何】【的】【意】【料】【之】【外】,【自】【信】【满】【满】【的】【年】【轻】【赵】【王】【原】【本】【以】【为】【大】【梁】【城】【的】【城】【墙】【应】【该】【会】【更】【早】【倒】【塌】【一】【些】。 【在】【这】【十】【天】【之】【中】【赵】【国】【的】【炮】【击】【其】【实】【也】【并】【非】【是】【一】【帆】【风】【顺】,【最】【大】【的】【一】【次】【事】【故】【是】【五】【天】【之】【前】【的】【炸】【膛】,【这】【一】【次】【的】【炸】【膛】【不】【但】【带】【走】【了】【附】【近】【数】【十】【名】【将】【士】【的】【性】【命】,【其】

  【时】【光】【荏】【苒】,【岁】【月】【如】【梭】,【转】【转】【匆】【匆】【数】【十】【年】。 【陆】【星】【魂】【躺】【在】‘【幽】【冥】【教】’【院】【子】【的】【躺】【椅】【上】,【心】【满】【意】【足】【的】【看】【着】【夏】【寒】【熏】【挺】【着】【大】【肚】【子】【在】【院】【子】【里】【走】【来】【走】【去】,【眼】【角】【眉】【梢】【全】【是】【笑】【意】。 【夏】【寒】【熏】【剐】【了】【陆】【星】【魂】【一】【眼】:“【成】【天】【笑】,【不】【知】【道】【乐】【呵】【什】【么】?【也】【不】【怕】【笑】【多】【了】【长】【皱】【纹】!【哼】!” “【媳】【妇】【有】【了】,【儿】【子】【有】【了】,【神】【王】【位】【置】【交】【出】【去】【了】,【本】【尊】【就】【是】【一】【养】


  “【给】【我】【住】【嘴】,【别】【再】【口】【无】【遮】【拦】,【丞】【相】【府】【的】【家】【事】,【跟】【你】【有】【什】【么】【关】【系】?”【单】【萧】【擒】【住】【她】【想】【要】【打】【柳】【英】【子】【的】【手】,【稍】【一】【用】【力】,【永】【宁】【便】【摔】【倒】【在】【地】。 “【父】【皇】……”【永】【宁】【怎】【么】【也】【没】【有】【想】【到】,【这】【个】【不】【知】【从】【哪】【里】【冒】【出】【来】【的】【下】【贱】【种】,【竟】【然】【敢】【推】【她】。 “【行】【了】,【赶】【紧】【起】【来】,【还】【嫌】【现】【在】【不】【够】【乱】【吗】?【安】【安】【静】【静】【呆】【着】,【等】【待】【太】【医】【的】【诊】【断】【结】【果】。”【皇】【帝】【看】【都】

  【古】【典】【仙】【侠】,【非】【修】【真】,【感】【兴】【趣】【的】【兄】【弟】【可】【以】【试】【读】,【一】【章】【就】【知】【道】【合】【不】【合】【口】【味】【了】,【感】【谢】【支】【持】!天下彩天空原创平特【眼】【见】【得】【夏】【紫】【曦】【又】【沉】【浸】【在】【书】【本】【里】,【轻】【纱】【只】【得】【福】【了】【福】【身】【往】【外】【走】,【等】【走】【到】【门】【口】【了】【整】【个】【人】【又】【是】【一】【愣】! 【咦】——【不】【对】【呀】!【五】【姑】【娘】【不】【是】【失】【忆】【了】【吗】?【她】【竟】【然】【在】【看】【书】? 【呃】?【话】【说】,【失】【忆】【的】【人】【会】【不】【会】【忘】【记】【自】【己】【曾】【经】【学】【过】【的】【东】【西】? 【轻】【纱】【突】【然】【发】【现】【自】【己】【的】【脑】【子】【似】【乎】【有】【些】【不】【大】【够】【用】【了】! …………………… 【瑞】【王】【气】【冲】【冲】【地】【出】【了】【海】【棠】

  【铁】【头】【岭】【赵】【家】【村】, 【村】【长】【赵】【雷】【的】【屋】【子】【处】【于】【一】【个】【人】【工】【池】【塘】【旁】,【三】【层】【的】【欧】【式】【别】【墅】【风】【格】,【与】【周】【围】【村】【民】【的】【砖】【瓦】【房】【格】【格】【不】【入】。 【不】【久】【前】,【赵】【家】【村】【来】【了】【一】【个】,【更】【格】【格】【不】【入】【的】“【异】【类】”, 【他】【穿】【着】【全】【副】【黑】【色】【的】【西】【装】,【戴】【着】【一】【副】【墨】【镜】,【右】【手】【拎】【着】【一】【个】【银】【箱】【子】,【身】【材】【削】【瘦】【高】【挑】, 【没】【有】【村】【民】【知】【道】【他】【从】【哪】【里】【来】,【只】【看】【见】,【他】【走】【进】【了】【赵】【雷】【家】

  【他】【不】【认】【为】【这】【种】【崇】【拜】【来】【自】【指】【派】【戴】【安】【娜】、【红】【菱】【等】【人】【带】【温】【蒂】【到】【异】【世】【界】【游】【历】【的】【决】【定】,【因】【为】【这】【明】【显】【跟】【李】【奥】【瑞】【克】、【希】【尔】【瓦】【娜】【斯】【等】【人】【没】【有】【利】【害】【关】【系】。 “【你】【在】【想】【什】【么】?”【戴】【安】【娜】【注】【意】【到】【他】【脸】【上】【的】【微】【表】【情】。 “【唔】……”【他】【没】【有】【回】【答】【她】【的】【问】【题】,【看】【向】【还】【在】【认】【真】【摆】【弄】【星】【图】,【忘】【记】【争】【宠】【博】【爱】【的】【莉】【娅】【波】【罗】:“【有】【结】【果】【了】【吗】?” “【回】【王】【上】,

  【对】【待】【她】,【他】【们】【之】【间】【本】【来】【不】【应】【该】【这】【样】【地】,【他】【们】【可】【以】【当】【做】【陌】【生】【人】【的】【不】【是】【吗】? 【为】【什】【么】【他】【现】【在】【却】【还】【要】【这】【样】【说】,【分】【明】【他】【们】【之】【间】【不】【会】【这】【样】【的】,【却】【还】【要】【这】【样】【子】,【像】【是】【道】【德】【绑】【架】【一】【样】,【谁】【又】【承】【受】【得】【住】。 【苏】【歌】【儿】【不】【愿】【意】【被】【道】【德】【绑】【架】【一】【样】,【虽】【然】【他】【们】【之】【间】【曾】【经】【可】【能】【认】【识】,【但】【是】【现】【在】【他】【们】【之】【间】【来】【不】【及】【了】,【她】【总】【觉】【得】【继】【续】【和】【这】【个】【男】【人】【在】【一】【起】

  【有】【人】【从】【他】【们】【身】【边】【经】【过】,【凌】【尧】【微】【侧】【着】【身】,【给】【别】【人】【让】【路】。 【她】【轻】【轻】【擦】【拭】【着】【眼】【泪】,【然】【后】【凝】【视】【着】【纪】【攸】【宁】,【开】【口】【的】【时】【候】,【情】【绪】【比】【刚】【才】【激】【动】【了】【不】【少】。 “【让】【我】【放】【手】【的】【人】【是】【你】,【现】【在】【说】【不】【离】【婚】【的】【人】【也】【是】【你】,【你】【到】【底】【把】【我】【当】【成】【什】【么】【了】?【挥】【之】【即】【来】【呼】【之】【即】【去】【的】【布】【偶】【吗】?” “【我】【谢】【谢】【你】【半】【年】【来】【的】【照】【顾】,【可】【是】【我】【真】【的】【累】【了】,【现】【在】【我】【已】【经】【放】


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