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2019-12-14 21:54:15


  LONDON — Reza Rashidian could give Dos Equis’ famous and fictional “most interesting man in the world” a run for his money.

  Mr. Rashidian has been a racecar driver, big game hunter, movie producer, real estate magnate, bon vivant, aspiring poet and artist, and noted collector — of cars, 19th-century animal sculptures, and watches.

  It took him more than 20 years of dedicated hunting to amass what he called “the ultimate” dive watch collection, featuring what several industry experts have called one of the rarest watches in existence: Rolex’s Deepsea Special Number One. (The collection recently was detailed in the book “A Journey Into the Deep” by John Goldberger and Daniel Bourn.)

  As Mr. Rashidian is considered a friend of Phillips auction house, and its London office on Berkeley Square was a convenient place to take a look at some of his scores of watches, we met on a recent springlike afternoon. And Mr. Rashidian explained why, after years of collecting all manner of watches, he decided to focus on Rolex stainless steel dive watches. “These watches went to the greatest depths on earth,” he said, with divers risking their lives and equipment. The watches “are firmly a part of the human condition.”

  The collector witnessed another side of the human condition firsthand as a young boy growing up in Tehran. In 1978 his father, who was in banking and real estate, sensed unrest and moved the family to a home they had in London, “just for the summer,” Mr. Rashidian said. But the Shah of Iran was deposed in January 1979 and the family — its banks confiscated and some of its friends killed — never left England. Mr. Rashidian, now 52, lived in London most of his life before moving to Switzerland three years ago, trading the city for the mountains.

  Nature was an important part of the collector’s early years, too. When he was 5 he started hunting with his uncle. “It wasn’t about killing,” he said, but being outdoors and “experiencing nature in the rain, the snow, in all its guises.” His shoots might have taken him to Ethiopia or Tajikistan for weeks at a time, sleeping in tents or shacks. “You have to love the outdoors,” he said.

  Hunting led him to create the cultishly popular Pro Hunter watch in 2006 after Rolex refused to customize one of its watches with a black case and glass (to eliminate reflection), fixed lugs and a NATO strap (to replace a bracelet that, Mr. Rashidian said, “you can’t crawl with, it digs in.”) So he developed his own timepiece.

  Soon others wanted one, and owners now include President Bill Clinton; Antoine Arnault of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton; François-Henri Pinault of Kering; Prince Pavlos of Greece; and Mr. Rashidian’s friends Tim Jeffries, owner of Hamiltons gallery in London, and the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

  Mr. Rashidian now is no longer involved in the business. And he no longer hunts. Not for big game, anyway, but he said he used some of the same strategies when collecting. A hunt starts with research, which “interests me more than the ownership,” he said, a testament to his years studying history at London and Oxford universities. Another of the joys: “When you collect you find people with similar enthusiasm, and you share it,” at dinners and events where he meets other watch fans.

  His love of watches began early: His father, who died when Mr. Rashidian was 13, gave him his first watch. Mr. Rashidian opened a case and displayed a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, with a strap now too small to circle his wrist. “This put the thought in my head. This is where it started,” he said.

  Next, his mother gave him a gold Rolex Day-Date Oysterquartz for his 18th birthday, and soon after Mr. Rashidian made his own first purchase, a Rolex stainless steel GMT Master. (He raised the sleeve of his Hackett suit jacket to show that he still wears it.)

  In his 20s, when he started collecting watches, he bought some contemporary models like Patek Philippes, Audemars Piguets and Breguets. And Rolexes, which he said he preferred to wear because they stood up to constant use and were “more approachable, and stainless steel is much more approachable.” He still has some of these early purchases in his collection.

  The more he learned about watches — especially about their histories, he said — the more he gravitated toward vintage ones. And few watches can rival the story of the Rolex Deep Sea Special Number One: In 1953, the watch, which has a signature bubble-shaped crystal, was strapped to the outside of the Trieste bathyscaph before the research vessel went two miles deep in the waters off Italy’s Ponza Island, withstanding pressure of 8,820 pounds per square inch.

  The bathyscaph and the watch later went down even farther, to nearly 2.3 miles deep. As a result, Rolex marketing began making the brand’s claim to dive watch supremacy and, by extension, sports watch dominance.

  Mr. Rashidian had brought the Deepsea Special Number One with him, and carefully removed the timepiece from its special case to display its unusual 35-millimeter thickness and distinctive domed crystal. He placed it on the table with the other watches he had brought. “There,” he said in a “ta-da” moment, “is the most famous Rolex dive watch in the world sitting next to the dinky one I got as a boy.”

  Mr. Rashidian recently sold two of his 36 dive watches featured in the book at a Phillips auction in Geneva: a Rolex Single Red Sea-Dweller, which once belonged to the celebrated diver Robert Palmer Bradley, and a Rolex Sea-Dweller made for the Sultan of Oman, with his name, Qaboos, in Arabic on the dial.

  He put those two up for sale because, after having amassed and documented what he considers the ultimate dive watch collection, he now is contemplating starting on something new and is deep into research.

  He won’t say what his next focus will be, (“don’t reveal your hand” is one of his strategies) but it will be something special, as he said collectors should “buy something unique or rare that has intrinsic or personal value.”

  “I need to find new areas that excite me,” he said, and admitted that patience is not his strong suit, and apparently never has been.

  When he was a student at the British public school Haileybury, he was captain of the rugby team and looked down his nose at cricket. “I didn’t have the patience to play that game. It seems like nothing happens for a very long time, and then suddenly people start to clap. It’s not in my personality. I’m less cricket, more rugby.” And ready to score his next great collection.



  铁算盘光明杀10码【当】【青】【釭】【剑】【从】【余】【飞】【手】【中】【脱】【手】【而】【出】,【并】【凭】【空】【消】【失】【时】,【大】【汉】【心】【中】【再】【无】【侥】【幸】。 【这】【一】【刻】,【他】【才】【知】【道】【自】【己】【到】【底】【有】【多】【低】【估】【那】【个】【不】【起】【眼】【的】【小】【家】【伙】【了】。 【原】【来】,【他】【不】【止】【有】【能】【够】【提】【升】【实】【力】【的】【秘】【法】,【还】【有】【如】【此】【强】【大】【的】【法】【器】,【至】【少】,【是】【中】【品】【法】【器】【了】【吧】! 【青】【釭】【剑】【瞬】【间】【跨】【越】【数】【十】【米】【的】【距】【离】【出】【现】【在】【大】【汉】【身】【后】,【大】【汉】【凭】【借】【着】【敏】【锐】【的】【第】【六】【感】【躲】【过】【了】【突】

  【乔】【歆】【暖】【敷】【着】【面】【膜】【深】【深】【看】【了】【他】【一】【眼】,【远】【处】【看】【不】【出】【面】【部】【表】【情】,【但】【宫】【守】【靠】【的】【近】,【很】【明】【显】【的】【接】【收】【到】【了】【一】【记】【白】【眼】,【乔】【歆】【暖】【羸】【弱】【的】【说】,“【不】【行】,【守】【宫】【砂】【们】【会】【集】【体】【哭】【出】【一】【条】【江】【的】,【你】【是】【大】【家】【的】。” 【吃】【瓜】【摄】【影】【师】【们】:【神】【一】【样】【的】【是】【大】【家】【的】。 【宫】【守】【小】【奶】【狗】【般】【的】【嘟】【嘴】,【无】【所】【谓】【乔】【歆】【暖】【的】【回】【复】,【伸】【着】【脑】【袋】【继】【续】【往】【她】【手】【机】【屏】【幕】【上】【凑】,【乔】【歆】【暖】【也】

  【百】【里】【戈】【壁】【摊】【上】,【顾】【白】【茫】【茫】【四】【顾】【一】【望】【无】【际】【荒】【漠】,【实】【在】【搞】【不】【懂】【老】【疯】【子】【所】【说】【的】【水】【源】【在】【哪】。 【这】【里】【已】【经】【临】【近】【于】【生】【命】【禁】【区】【的】【最】【深】【处】,【四】【周】【充】【斥】【的】【一】【股】【死】【气】【越】【发】【沉】【重】,【无】【形】【中】【形】【成】【一】【股】【莫】【名】【的】【压】【迫】【感】。 【越】【往】【里】【走】【顾】【白】【越】【发】【难】【受】,【四】【肢】【百】【骸】【都】【受】【到】【剧】【烈】【的】【侵】【食】,【天】【地】【间】【似】【乎】【存】【在】【着】【一】【股】【精】【神】【力】,【不】【断】【的】【压】【制】【着】【此】【方】【天】【地】。 【哪】【怕】

  “【浩】【哥】【那】【么】【年】【轻】,【医】【术】【肯】【定】【是】【没】【有】【琪】【姨】【的】【好】【的】【啦】!”【小】【宇】【不】【奈】【烦】【的】【说】。 “【你】【再】【敢】【说】【你】【浩】【哥】【的】【医】【术】【不】【行】,【看】【我】【弄】【不】【弄】【死】【你】?”【小】【贝】【凶】【恶】【的】【说】。 【小】【宇】【现】【在】【只】【顾】【着】【爷】【爷】【的】【生】【死】,【他】【也】【没】【有】【注】【意】【小】【贝】【那】【凶】【恶】【的】【表】【情】,【如】【果】【他】【注】【意】【到】【小】【贝】【那】【凶】【恶】【的】【表】【情】【他】【一】【定】【会】【闭】【嘴】【不】【再】【说】【话】【的】【了】。 【小】【宇】【不】【知】【道】【死】【活】【的】【说】:“【我】【看】【浩】【哥】

  【这】【样】【就】【又】【可】【以】【完】【好】【如】【初】,【纯】【洁】【无】【暇】【了】。 【只】【是】【在】【这】【期】【间】,【发】【生】【了】【一】【件】【意】【外】。 【那】【就】【是】【潘】【宁】【在】【小】【医】【院】【里】【面】【遇】【到】【了】【一】【个】【熟】【人】,【正】【是】【同】【公】【司】【的】【艺】【人】【岑】【雅】【薇】! 【原】【来】【岑】【雅】【薇】【也】【是】【来】【做】【修】【复】【术】【的】! 【这】【样】【就】【很】【尴】【尬】【了】。 【没】【人】【希】【望】【自】【己】【的】【私】【密】【事】【情】【被】【别】【人】【知】【道】,【何】【况】【还】【是】【同】【属】【于】【娱】【乐】【圈】,【同】【一】【个】【公】【司】【的】? 【怎】【么】【办】? 铁算盘光明杀10码【厉】【南】【爵】【感】【觉】【异】【常】【憋】【屈】,【可】【是】【又】【无】【可】【奈】【何】,【他】【想】【发】【脾】【气】,【却】【害】【怕】【把】【苏】【墨】【墨】【吓】【跑】。 【此】【时】【的】【苏】【墨】【墨】【不】【了】【解】【厉】【南】【爵】【的】【纠】【结】,【她】【的】【脑】【子】【飞】【速】【运】【转】,【想】【着】【有】【什】【么】【办】【法】【搪】【塞】【对】【方】。 【苏】【墨】【墨】【的】【脑】【袋】【微】【微】【低】【垂】【着】,【额】【头】【前】【的】【刘】【海】【在】【不】【经】【意】【间】【滑】【落】【下】【来】,【那】【双】【清】【澈】【见】【底】【的】【眼】【眸】【被】【遮】【挡】【住】【了】,【散】【发】【着】【不】【知】【名】【的】【暗】【茫】。 【电】【话】【那】【头】【的】【厉】【南】

  【吃】【完】【了】【东】【西】【他】【又】【运】【动】【一】【下】,【拿】【了】【不】【少】【的】【肉】【装】【进】【背】【包】【里】,【很】【快】【来】【到】【悬】【崖】【边】【下】,【观】【众】【朋】【友】【们】【很】【好】【奇】【他】【到】【底】【要】【干】【什】【么】,【德】【哥】【你】【是】【来】【散】【步】【的】【还】【是】【看】【风】【景】【啊】,【站】【在】【哪】【里】【干】【什】【么】? 【说】【道】,“【各】【位】【朋】【友】【们】,【大】【家】【也】【看】【到】【了】【这】【边】【的】【悬】【崖】,【我】【将】【会】【从】【这】【里】【爬】【下】【去】。” 【镜】【头】【拍】【了】【下】【去】,【那】【下】【面】【有】【白】【雾】【迷】【住】【了】【他】【们】【的】【双】【眼】,【根】【本】【看】【不】【到】【有】


  ——【新】【的】【平】【衡】—— 【赤】【离】【败】【退】,【直】【接】【退】【回】【到】【了】【鬼】【都】,【手】【下】【只】【剩】【下】【不】【超】【过】【二】【十】【位】【鬼】【王】,【虽】【然】【可】【以】【称】【霸】【一】【方】,【但】【是】【要】【与】【鬼】【帝】【再】【斗】【已】【是】【不】【可】【能】。【毕】【竟】【双】【方】【差】【距】【实】【在】【是】【太】【大】。 “【怎】【么】【会】【这】【样】!”【赤】【离】【不】【甘】【心】【的】【坐】【在】【鬼】【帝】【位】【置】【上】,【眼】【中】【满】【是】【愤】【懑】。 【这】【座】【宏】【伟】【的】【宫】【殿】,【马】【上】【就】【不】【再】【是】【属】【于】【自】【己】【了】,【甚】【至】【以】【后】【再】【也】【没】【有】【机】【会】【踏】

  “【说】【出】【你】【们】【真】【正】【的】【意】【图】!”【王】【廷】【之】【主】【直】【接】【开】【门】【见】【山】【地】【说】【道】。 【那】【金】【莲】【仙】【妖】【媚】【的】【眸】【子】,【快】【速】【地】【转】【动】【了】【一】【下】,【笑】【道】:“【王】【廷】【之】【主】【不】【愧】【是】【一】【方】【枭】【雄】,【做】【人】【做】【事】,【也】【是】【快】【人】【快】【语】。” “【既】【然】【如】【此】,【那】【我】【便】【直】【说】【了】。” “【我】【圣】【族】【的】【生】【存】【环】【境】,【越】【来】【越】【恶】【劣】,【每】【天】【都】【有】【大】【批】【的】【圣】【族】【勇】【士】【无】【端】【死】【去】。” “【所】【以】,【我】【代】【表】【圣】


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